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24 02 2010

Not bad, not bad at all.

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24 02 2010

I <3 static

24 02 2010

Restraint, Optional

26 10 2009

Watching the 70s movie “Zombie” today, I’m realizing that a lot of horror movies are very similar to porno, except that the Main Event is a stalk-and-gore tension/release sequence instead of sex.

Most of them have a difficult time constructing believable scenes outside of the Main Event, to speak nothing of scenes that might actually serve or advance the plot. Usually those snippets refer very directly to the Main Event itself, and any plot development is usually explication, not action.

This is, of course, generalization. Not all horror movies are like this; the good ones usually transcend the genre like all good works of art.

Falling Standards

26 10 2009

The “Psycho” remake with Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche is not, and never will be, an American Movie Classic.

They used to show real movies on there, like Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, or Rear Window. Now it’s whatever shit’s cheap enough to get.


8 06 2009


The Wikipedia entry for “film producer” is quite possibly the most boring, depressingly corporate crap I’ve ever read on Wikipedia.  For this reason, I volunteer that the word “producer” or any verbial or adjectival variant of it be wiped from the credits of all movies, except where that word is preceded by “post”. And really, it should be called “post film” or “post filming”. Production is the act of creation. Doing little digital fixups and atmospheres is part of making the damn movie, not what happens after the movie is made. After the movie is made, we all fork over $10 like little idiots and sit and watch it.

Maybe I’m wrong, and that Wikipedia entry is way off-base, and the job titles like “Associate Producer” and “Co-Producer” are not as blandly hierarchical as they sound. The article is flagged for lack of sources.


Sphere by Merzbow always puts me in a nicely focused, relatively peaceful place.


95% of all blogs are abandoned (according to the New York Times). Sad. I don’t doubt that the statistic is high, but you have to agree the New York Times has reason to paint the majority of blogs in a terribly amateur light.  Otherwise, they won’t be able to start charging for news (like David Simon suggests).

Authenticity: a shared value

21 05 2009

From a co-worker who couldn’t take it anymore:

In protest of the way that the layoffs were handled, there hypocrisy laden announcement, and in solidarity with the PEOPLE that were let go, I will not be working one more minute for [my company’s parent company]. Most of the people I have met at [my company] are the greatest, truest, and most talented people I have ever known. I will miss seeing you all on a daily basis immensely. Work hard and do your best, but not out of fear for your job, do it for yourself. There are many things that one can derive accomplishment from, a job well done is very high on that list, but the greatest and most elusive for many of us would be to always KEEP IT REAL.

And… [my company’s parent company] had me censor this broadcast message to all employees in our office. I thought the query used to do so was very telling (particularly the LIKE part):

select * from messages where message like "(to all%solidarity%" and when_added >= '2009-05-20 22:00:00';