You cannot fuck with Carlton

9 05 2008

Some bonehead, probably staffed by TMZ, accosted Carlton last year, apparently, and yelled “You’re not Will Smith” when Carlton refused to take a picture with the dude.

If the asshole who wanted the picture would go that far to try and piss Alfonso off, then.. why did he want the picture in the first place?

Simple. He had a consumptive need to ingest fame, and Alfonso happened to be standing there. Whether it was because he really WANTED to ingest the fame, or planned to try and sell it on eBay, makes no difference. Just different forms of uncaring greed.

Give up your obsessive bullshit, America. This is just one instance of it.

Another: as I posted here, apparently taking your family out to dinner at the Lone Star Steakhouse is a great time to just leave the fucking Bluetooth earpiece in your ear. The guy who did this had better be a surgeon or a nuclear physicist or a Secret Service agent. Because otherwise he’s due for a rectal reaming courtesy of a burning stick.




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