Pathetic petitions to “do the right thing and give me money”

20 07 2008

I like some of the reporting on the Daily Kos, and I have nothing against the site personally, but shit like this is just pathetic, not to mention lazy:

WAIT! This site optimized for Internet Explorer, 800x600!!!

WAIT! This site optimized for Internet Explorer, 800x600!!!

Dude has a fricking t-shirt etc. store and book being sold on Amazon.  Whenever the market has come up with new ways to shortcut advertising, ad delivery mechanisms INNOVATE.  Do you think TiVo pays the networks / advertisers a chunk of change from its monthly fees for “loss of advertising”?  Bullshit. The networks just can’t ask as much money for advertising as they used to.  This is the whole industry, not just you.  If you want to ask for money, fine. A lot of people have “donate” links on their site.  When you put it right on the front freaking page of your site, you begin to exude the smell of a charlatan.  (Read carefully, flamers: I am not calling Kos a charlatan.  I am saying, it looks scheisty. Everyone who’s been on the net more than a couple years would agree with me.)

I find the argument in the first paragraph ridiculous in the extreme.  I know that when I go to the sites I frequent that are ad-supported, I make it my business to click on some ads there, just be sure I waste my time and bandwidth looking at crap I don’t care about so My Buddy The Site will Righteously Earn Ad Dollars.

If you’re not getting ad revenue, Kos, it’s because:

a) you’re getting paid based on clickthrough and not real estate (bad idea) and

b) advertisers are pulling out of your site because your site isn’t using ad objects that are clever enough to dodge AdBlock. Whoever supplies / created the ads is to blame here.

It’s not because we are putting you out of business.  Only grandmas and ADD 11-year-olds click on ads, and everyone knows it; imho the lowest common denominator of netelligence clicks on ads, and that is probably not your audience (forgive me if I’m mistaken).  If you were detailing the virtues of My Little Pony or running a denture-adhesive review site, I’d totally go along with you.

If there is one universal truth people should have learned already about Americans, it’s that if you make them do something on your own terms or restrict their choice arbitarily (read: try to withhold shit that was once free), they will consider it YOUR problem because THEY are just trying to get what they want.  Of course, a few people can get around this problem through advanced psychological manipulation and press coverage bordering on fellatio.  You could consider that innovation, if it weren’t so creepy. Most people just have to innovate.

Hint to Kos: There is a five-letter F-word that will largely solve your problem.




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