Thumbing the nose.

7 03 2009

I work for a company whose computer infrastructure has typically been composed of 90% free (as in beer) Unix OSes–FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo… Now, after an acquisition by another company 7 months ago, they have decided to move (almost) everything (that’s not insanely expensive to move) over to a certain family of software that comes out of Redmond, WA.

I will have more to say about this later, but for now, here’s the product of my sweat:

Uh! double up, Uh! Uh!

Uh! double up, Uh! Uh!

I spent a long-ass time trying to get gnome-terminal to work, too (mostly because it has far less annoying “helper programs” than pretty much anything in KDE, or if it doesn’t, they don’t use as much RAM).  No go. I even tried building the damn thing.  Sheesh.

Someone needs to make this shit easy.  Get real, the reason you install cygwin on Windows is to have a good shell at your fingertips, not run X apps, you may say. I know, I know.  But until someone comes out with a shell app for Windows that even comes close to the productivity-enhancing skillz of Konsole or gnome-terminal, I will continue to try and build gnome-terminal under cygwin. Over and over again.  The closest non-X thing I can find for cygwin is rxvt, which is still kind of “feh”-inducing at times (ncurses really brings it out).

One of my co-workers suggested UWin, something AT&T created and then promptly buried on their research site. Supposedly native win32 executables and POSIX-emulation binaries (achieved through a posix-emu dll, like cygwin) can coexist side by side. imagine, dir /w | awk ‘{ print $4 }’. It’s freaky.  I haven’t tried that yet, though.




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