Authenticity: a shared value

21 05 2009

From a co-worker who couldn’t take it anymore:

In protest of the way that the layoffs were handled, there hypocrisy laden announcement, and in solidarity with the PEOPLE that were let go, I will not be working one more minute for [my company’s parent company]. Most of the people I have met at [my company] are the greatest, truest, and most talented people I have ever known. I will miss seeing you all on a daily basis immensely. Work hard and do your best, but not out of fear for your job, do it for yourself. There are many things that one can derive accomplishment from, a job well done is very high on that list, but the greatest and most elusive for many of us would be to always KEEP IT REAL.

And… [my company’s parent company] had me censor this broadcast message to all employees in our office. I thought the query used to do so was very telling (particularly the LIKE part):

select * from messages where message like "(to all%solidarity%" and when_added >= '2009-05-20 22:00:00';

You are unable to separate fact from fiction.

30 04 2008

One thing I truly love about ploys at censorship is they always attempt a “benevolent hand” or “outraged victim” approach.

Since the press can’t shut up about it, you’ve probably heard that Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest in Rockstar Games’ much-lauded and -maligned videogame franchise, was released this week. And the media seems to have plunged testicle-deep into the “controversial aspect” of this game and its predecessors, even the media that should be ignoring such ridiculous things. I expect more articles like this one detailing stooges that trump up half-assed science to support moralistic editors’ license.